Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mew @ The Fineline Music Cafe..

After seeing the Wolves win in OT my buddy Andy an I raced over to see Mew! Another Danish Band and another band that makes a second stop in less than a month. Steve and Kim were there early to get us a spot. Mew is very smart touring the states for a long stretch of time..Thats how bands get a name and get recognized for their brillaint live performances. Mew defines a great live band, with with well collaborated instrumentels, international style, and image. Their experimental/pshycidelic isn't my kind of music but they certainly make a case for a great style of rock n roll. I'd have to say I liked Mew's 1st show slightly more, probably because Kasabian made the show even better. I was a little further back this time and was surprised that not even half the people from the previous show were there. It sure would be nice to see all these Danish bands in one night, I'll take 3 in a week. Check out Matt Jennings tonight at Arcadia Cafe, or gear up for another Danish band (The Blue Van)@ First Ave this friday opening for the Electric Six. If you like Danish bands check out Yellowfish. Goodnight and Goodluck -The Commish

More Pics on My flickrpage
Another review @ The Rock N Roll Star


Blogger rocknrollstar said...

Come on over to my blog for the picture of you playing tambourine with Birdmonster! Classic ;)

As for Mew... I agree with you, not totally our type of music. Good, not great...

OK, see you soon. Great pics.


2:25 AM  

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