Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Trip to L.A.

My trip to L.A. was definitely worth it thanks to my little brother playing in a tennis tournament, and of course my mom for putting up with us. Great Weather, Gorgeous Beaches and Chicks, and some unbelievable tennis. I almost got on Leno and Ferguson because of the Silversun Pickups and a good friend of mine named Steve Nice. He also almost got me to meet Nic Harcourt, a.k.a. the greatest DJ in the World, over at KCRW studios(MPR) Santa Monica. I'll be out there again in April to hopefully meet Nic and many other great people. I'm always California Dreamin. -Brody


Anonymous Twinsrule said...

Wyatt rocks - The Rakes rock

Awesome job on the video Brody!

1:03 AM  
Blogger Kelly Duoos said...

the world was a mess but wyatt's hair was perfect....

9:47 PM  

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