Monday, May 19, 2008

Starsailor's 4th album coming soon!!!!


Starsailor recently finished recording their fourth album. The band have now also been confirmed to support The Police on three dates this summer.

A message from James Walsh

Hello All,

Well it’s been a long time in the making but we have finally finished recording our 4th album (hope I haven't spoken too soon!) It’s certainly been an adventure! We have been to 4 studios (Real World, The Doghouse, Sofa Sound and Eastcote) and a whole cast of characters have been involved getting to this point. Undoubtedly the two people who have put the most effort in the studio (apart from the band) are Producer Steve Osborne and Engineer Dan Austin (Who is also working with Doves at the same time! No wonder he looks knackered!). Our A&R man Chris Briggs has been in frequently regaling us with tales of his life in rock n roll (Chris has been working at EMI for years. What he doesn’t know about The Waterboys, Robbie Williams, Jethro Tull and Tottenham Hotspur is not worth knowing!)

We have 16 songs recorded with 12 possible contenders for the album. Regular visitors to the site will be familiar with the titles 'Tell Me Its Not Over’, ‘Boy In Waiting’ and 'All The Plans We Made'. There is also 'The Thames’,’ Hurts Too Much,’ You Never Get What You Deserve’,’ Listen Up’,’ Under A Neon Sky’,’ Safe At Home’,’ Change My Mind' and 'Stars and Stripes'.


There has been an emphasis on strong melodies and simple arrangements for this album and the guitar playing of Richard Warren has definitely enhanced the sound. I'm not one for slagging off the last album and saying this one is 100 times better because the last album definitely had its merits. However we have spent a lot longer writing and recording this one and the result is the perfect companion to 'Love Is Here.’

On a totally different note I recently devoured 2 series of 'Life On Mars' during a recent bout of illness and was absolutely blown away. I saw Supergrass at The Roundhouse (You forget how good they are) and I have been reading George Orwell 'Down And Out In Paris And London. Oh and the workmen finally finished the kitchen!

See You Soon

James Walsh

One of the greatest songs of all time "Silence is Easy"

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Anonymous Twinsrule said...

That is very good news about their upcoming new release. Their last concert here in Mpls at The Varsity Theater was fantastic, hope they will be able to tour the US with their new release.

10:51 PM  

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