Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Go Team! planning to take over the world! Live @ First Ave(Minneapolis) 7/30

(photo by Jon Behm, Brody and Ninja)

The Go Team!The Go Team in Minneapolis!
How The Go Team hasn't taken over Americas youth yet, still boggles my mind.  The Go Team! is the greatest live band on the planet.  Lead singer Ninja taught everyone how to dance this evening at first avenue.  The set was a split between Thunder Lightning Strike(2004) and Proof of Youth(2007) their only 2 full length records.

The Go Team!

Rumor has it that Ninja may do some solo work in the near future. Lets hope she puts together a few more records and tours before she moves on.  

Also email JonBehm[at] for professional photos, check out his flickr page

Video of The Go Team! from First Ave.

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Anonymous Twinsrule said...

Wow, that was fun - Go Team!'s show yesterday was better than their First Ave show from a couple years ago. Two Cd's of material is always better than one. Great pacing.

Thought headliners CSS from Brazil would be in trouble from the blistering Go Team! performance but
CSS held their own. Little more darker song material and heavier guitar work - nobody is better at dancing than the Brazilians!

4:18 PM  

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