Friday, March 12, 2010

Amazing Minneapolis Shows Coming Up This Week!!!!!


Sunday March 14th THE 88 @ The 400 Bar
The 88 will be at the 400 bar this Sunday March 14th and Ray Davies may show up to perform!!! I'd Be There if I were you!
The band the 88 are currently opening for Ray Davies all across the states in big time theater venues.

Monday March. 15th The Clientele w/ Field Music @ Cedar Cultural Center
Alasdair MacLean voice and guitar skills are ridiculous and violin player Mel Draisey is drop dead gorgeous!

Thursday March 18th The Big Pink w/ A Place To Bury Strangers @ First Ave Just watch this video!!

The Big Pink in Minneapolis 11/25/09 from Brody McCoy on Vimeo.

Vampire Weekend is on the 22nd and The Temper Trap w/ The Kissaway Trail is on the 23rd!

Have fun with all the great shows Minneapolis!!! I'll be RVing it down to Austin for SXSW with potential stops in Memphis, Nashville, Kansas City, Dallas??

I'll see everybody at Vampire Weekend or The Temper Trap when I get back!

Cheers -Brody

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Anonymous Twinsrule said...

Ray will probably spend his day off between tour dates in Chicago, but if he tags along with the 88 and shows up at the 400 Bar - that would be one of my concert highlights of all time. I like the 88 alot, their last show at the 400 a couple years ago was great, so I'll be there anyway.

The Cedar should be a very good venue for the Clientele, much better for their music than First Ave when they opened for Peter, Bjorn and John. Vu reminded me that Beach House opened for The Clientele when they played the 400 Bar in 2007, I vaguely remember their Beach House's set, they were pretty quiet. The Clientele were fantastic that night.

Have a great time in Austin, don't come back if you don't see vv Brown, she's about to blow up in the US (she's getting airplay now on The Current and Cities 97)!

11:21 AM  

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