Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kate Nash Live @ First Ave. 5/5/10


Kate Nash still put on yet again another solid show despite her sprained ankle. This was the first show she didn't have to use crutches and stood most of the show. Thats impressive my friend. Personally I love the happy catchy pop melodies mixed with guitar and piano, unfortunately Kate still likes to lash out trying to blend a punk side to her. Don't get me wrong I would want to rock out to if I was a musician but her heavy experiemental like tunes just give me a headache. The majority of the show was great though, playing most of the tracks off her recentley released album "My Best Friend Is You". Kate is also still dating the lead singer of the Cribs Ryan Jarman, which will always keep her into music. Let's just hope she stays away from a punk album.

The first video below was from her last show at First Ave. exactly 2 years ago. The second video is my favorite track off her new record on the Album Chart Show in England.

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