Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Energy Summer Jam Session @ 400 Bar Last night 6/23 and tonight!


The Free Energy bus broke down on their way to Minneapolis, but that didn't stop these ex minnesotans from making it back to the land of 10,000. Former members of the local band Hockey Night, now Free Energy currently are kicking it in Philly. I had seen them live in the past as Hockey Night and Free Energy and man they have found a nitch in dance rock pop culture. This

Free Energy recently released the latest record on tape cassette, and let me tell you "Album of the Summer". Every freaking song on this tape is a hit and gets everyone to show of their very own Free Energy dance moves.

I've heard tonights show is sold out, but highly suggest trying to get in to see this guys. It is very rare to see a band like this at such a in your face setting at the 400 bar. I also heard from the lead guitarist they're recording all day today in Minneapolis before the second show and take off for california.

Thursday June 24th Free Energy opening for Mates of State @ 400 Bar
400 Cedar Avenue Minneapolis

Also visit the 400 bar website for more great up and coming shows.

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