Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Daredevil Christopher Wright and Cedarwell @ The Red Sea Bar

To great bands from Wisconsin played a fantastic show last night blended in with a local artist and an uncle. Cedarwell really caught my attention when I was playing a friendly game of billards. They have a ton of talent and energy, I could not believe they brought that much to the table with just two people. Cedarwell is a blend between Ben Folds, Matt Pond, and Mason Jennings with more potential. Erik, the lead singer, has a signature foot flick while performing and loves to get the crowds going. Even while breaking a couple of strings they kept the crowd alive and well. Check these guys out at their website, and myspace page.
Daredevil Christopher Wright was the much anticipated main act. Right off the bat I made comparisons to Cloud Cult, Clap Your Hands Say Yea, and Death Cab. These guys have quite possibly one of the best singles I've heard in a while, with the first track on their EP How to get my head back on my shoulders. These guys know my cousin pretty well, which led me to find out about these guys after recieving an EP from her. Myspace page here. Check these bands out!!! I'll be at The Colour or The Clientle tonight haven't decided yet. Cheers -Brody


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