Monday, November 10, 2008

The Duke Spirit put on Spectacular show in Minneapolis!!

IMG_4293Liela Moss and The Duke Spirit in Minneapolis 11/8/08 @ Fineline

The Duke Spirit gave everything they had to please the American Rock/Metal fans. It was safe to say they exceeded all expectations and had all the fans on their feet. Liela Moss is quite the bombshell, not to mention one of the biggest up and coming rock stars in the U.K. Already I'd compare The Duke Spirit to Jefferson Airplane/Oasis/Joy Division. Liela Moss and Luke Ford met back in college and quickly formed a band that soon became "The Duke Spirit" in 2003. A guy by the name of Steve Nice, who currently still manages the band, introduced me to these guys a while back. Steve was trying to work out a show with me to bring them to Minneapolis roughly 2 years ago, unfortunately it didn't work out as travel/time became short. Luckily these guys have made it to Minneapolis and also are coming back next month to play with American sensation Mercury Rev.

The Duke Spirit in Minneapolis 11/8/08 @ Fineline

This year they released one of the best records of 2008 entitled "Neptune", back in February. Track # 8, "My Sunken Treasure", is the song of the year. The funny thing is they didn't play it live and it was still one of the best all out performances. Will all be begging them to play it next time their in town.

The Duke Spirit in Minneapolis 11/8/08 @ Fineline

I'll be rounding up all the music fans for their show next month. It won't be hard to bring the guys and I'll just tell all the gals Liela has super powers. Lets count down the days until The Duke Spirit arrives in Minneapolis. 32 Days! Dec. 12th @ The Fineline supporting Mercury Rev. Be There!

I give you My Sunken Treasure! The Duke Spirit in California. Watch!
My Sunken Treasure - The Duke Spirit in California

Check out this video from their Minneapolis Show

For other reviews of the show check out and

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Anonymous Twinsrule said...

Like the short video clip - can't wait for their return to The Fine Line in December.

2:51 PM  

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