Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bitter:sweet @ Varsity Theater 8/5/08

Bittersweet in Minneapolis 8/5/08
Still Shocked Bittersweet nor Candie Payne were not selected for the Bond theme song. Fronted by Shana Halligan, Bittersweet gives you a very sensuous feeling. Wearing a gold dress that had to have been in the thousand dollar range, Shana loves to look good in front of her lively crowds. I honestly did not know how to dance to any of the songs, but I had fun and just moved around. With sixties dancers on a screen during the set the music was very electronic with a twist of salsa. Great blend of variety in the music. This L.A. band will be blowing up all over the world very quickly. Listen to their new release "Drama", which was released on june 3rd this summer.


Bittersweet in Minneapolis 8/5/08

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Anonymous Twinsrule said...

Nice pics, and a couple of their songs would really fit nicely into the next Bond movie.

The rest of their songs sound alot like the material that Shivaree covers, and Shivaree's voice is a little bit stronger than Shana's.
Kiran and Shana are good performers and visually very interesting onstage. They certainly had all the ballroom dancers in heaven at the back of the crowd at the Varsity Theater.
Fun show.

10:02 AM  

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