Friday, October 17, 2008

Starsailor has new album coming soon!!!!

Starsailor is "Born Again"!!!!!!!!!

Here is one of lead singer James Walsh's new tracks "Hurts to Much"

Thanks to my buddy Erik T I saw this video on his blog, and checked out the details on the new record which is due to be released in early 09. Check out his write up here.

Starsailor is in the top 5 for my all time favorite bands. It would be quite the treat if they came to Minneapolis with Doves and Elbow again. Hey Erik didn't you see that bill about seven years ago? Lucky bastard.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!

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Blogger Winston's Zen said...

I caught James Walsh play a un-announced acoustic set for a charity gig which the Rifles headlined in London a few weeks back.

He was on top form and mentioned the new album in excited terms...

Hopefully, the new release will be one to watch out for!

7:27 AM  
Blogger Brody McCoy said...

nice, I can't wait!!!

10:55 AM  

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