Thursday, October 09, 2008

Janelle Monae and Jamie Lidell @ Varsity 10/7 (shots by Jon Behm)


Wow talk about amazing photos!! Way to go Jon. Well judging from these photos I think you can imagine it was a pretty sweet show, but I'll give you a little recap.
Janelle Monae was Janet and Michael Jackson combined. She even did MJ's signature backwards moon-walk on stage. So much excitement, as you can see from the crowdsurfing. 10 times the amount of energy compared to any other female artist I've ever seen. Janellcurrently has the best dance moves in the world. Check out her debut album "Metropolis".
First time seeing Mr Lidell, and it was quite the treat. I'll be honest I was expecting more of a solo motown performance by Jamie. Instead he had an incredible variety of music with his full band, which included a 60 year old keyboardist, a guitar player with 80's rock look, a saxophonist with a robe, and a classic drummer sporting some rad sunglasses. Jamie did go off on a solo marathon on his synthesizers and reminded me a lot of Radiohead. Very strange, but a brilliant thing indeed.

Jamie's latest record "Jim" will for sure be in my top 10 albums of 2008. He's got at-least 6 hits, and is your basic 1960's Motown album.

Videos to come soon!!!
(I highly suggest emailing him if your looking for quality photography.)

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