Sunday, January 18, 2009

SIKA/Victory Ship/Joey Ryan and the Inks @ 400 Bar 1/17/09

Victory Ship in Minneapolis 1/17/09 @ 400 Bar
Victory Ship
Joey Ryan and the Inks

Whomever Brody McCoy was, he had reason to be proud. Last night’s show, the first ever presented by Brit Rock at the Top, was a great success. McCoy is a Shoreview native, but as its name suggests his blog celebrates all things British and rockin’; the thread meant to tie the night’s three acts—Joey Ryan and the Inks, Sika, and Victory Ship—was a degree of trans-Atlantic affinity.

Unfortunately I missed Joey Ryan’s set; when I arrived, Sika were onstage. As promised, their music reflected a range of British influences—notably the more theatrical Brit rockers, from Queen to Radiohead.

Continue reading at TCDAILYPLANET.NET by Jay Gabler here.

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