Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Interview with The Envy Corps + Preview for Des Moines 5/21 Gig


Lead singer, Luke Pettipoole was nice of to take the time to answer some questions..

Congrats on the new release Dwell! Any predictions on record sales in U.S. and U.K.? It's the album of the year in my opinion.

 Well it isn't out in the U.S. yet, but we did a soft release in the U.K. last month. I don't have wild expectations for sales, but I think it will be a grower.

Your lyrics and sound are inspiring to all your fans, how else will you inspire people?

I don't think we have any other agenda as far as inspiration other than our songs. None of us are politicians or martyrs.

You've switched around a few band members including the Yoshimura brothers, how have you been able to stay together with change?

I think the heart of the band is really the three people that are in it now. As long as we stick together The Envy Corps will live on. We have other people play with us live because we detest backing tracks, plus it's a lot more fun. I see the band continuing as more of a collective than a standard 4 or 5 piece.

Recently leaving the Eisley tour, was the decision made because you didn't like the crowds on the Eisley tour, the offer to play in the U.K was to good, or something else? Eisley loved you guys, I chatted with them after the show.

That was a real tough one. We did not want to leave the Eisley tour, in fact we prefer American crowds, but we had to go at our label's request. When you're a struggling band like us you still have to play the game sometimes.


Knowing The Envy Corps is pronounced envy core, it still sounds like corpse, a.k.a. a metal name. Can you become a huge band with that name?

Even if it is confusing to those without a tight grasp on English, it's still a better band name than most. It suits us just fine.

You've played with the Editors and The Courteeners in the U.K. what other new U.K. band would you like to play with?


If you weren't so precious, I'd have said "Off with your head" is a line from the song Party Dress. Explain that incredible line?

It's about being in a position to completely destroy a bitter enemy, but you realize that they are so feeble and weak minded that you pity them instead.

Did Luke really write a song in jail? If yes, details...

It's a rumor. We are all law-abiding citizens.

Is Peoples Court your favorite place to play a show? And how big will this hometown show be on the 21st?

Our favorite place to play is still the Vaudeville Mews. The vibe is so inviting...we played all our first shows there. The problem is it's just too small. People's is a great venue that can hold a few more people.

I'm going down with my friend Lydia to see these guys in Des Moines tomorrow night and jumping off the walls.  Imagine Radiohead and Modest Mouse at the Varsity Theater(small venue).  The Envy Corps are on a very big high after the best release of 2008("Dwell"), it will be a real pleasure to see them perform.  The band will be ready to play for their hometown fans at I'm sure a sold out show at People's Court.  

Check out their new video "Story Problem"

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Anonymous Twinsrule said...

Entertaining interview, hope they achieve big success here in the US.

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