Monday, May 26, 2008

The Long Blondes w/ special guest Raven 5.25.08 @ The Entry


The Long Blondes are an explosion of glam-rock from Sheffield, England. The once, best unsigned band in NME, have stepped up to the big stage. Reminded me of Tily and the Wall and The Pipettes, except so much more rock n roll. Not to mention they have the best looking lead singer of all time in Kate Jackson.

IMG_0889Kate Jackson with The Long Blondes in MinneapolisIMG_0910

Tonight at the 7th St. Entry The Long Blondes tore it up, with thunderstorms and tornados barely missing the cities + the fact that it was sunday night, the crowd was fairly decent. Close to 100+ people danced around the english quartet. They played well over an hour and topped the night off with an encore. For their first time in Minneapolis, Kate and crew blew everyone away with their stunning set.

The Long Blondes say farewellIMG_0878

The Long Blondes just released their second release this year called "Couples"

Here I am with Kate Jackson, I can now die a happy man.
Me and the lovely Kate Jackson

Special Guest : Raven

Raven is a twins cities legend. He has two members of the Melismatics band along with 3 other fine musicians. Raven owns a strong British style of music, mixing bowie and ray davies together with his band. You gotta love the black hair and mustache. Mr. Raven has helped out with many local bands organizing/booking/ and the general in's and out's of touring. Influenced by many musicians, Raven now is becoming a big role model for all musicians.. Raven has two EP's you can buy at his shows.


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Anonymous Twinsrule said...

Solid set by the Long Blondes, not a single weak song in the bunch, exceeded my high expectations as a live band - Kate and the band put on a very entertaining show.

Their new sophomore release "Couples" is very good, better than their first. Highlight of The Entry show was one of their new songs - "I'm Going to Hell".

11:42 AM  

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