Sunday, September 28, 2008

James @ Fineline in Minneapolis 9/27/08

James in Minneapolis 9/29/08 @ Fineline

TIm Booth in Minneapolis 9/29/08 @ FinelineTim Booth in Minneapolis 9/29/08 @ Fineline

I've missed U2, Blur, Coldplay. Oasis, and Travis all at first ave in years past. Tonight was one night I was not going to miss, James @ The Fineline was the best performance of the year.  James who had been on a 7 year hiatus, is back with avenges.  Led by Tim Booth's vocals and dance moves this night never got old.  

James in Minneapolis 9/29/08 @ Fineline

James in Minneapolis 9/29/08 @ FinelineJames setlist Minneapolis

Videos to come soon!

Here's the James classic tune "Laid"!

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Blogger THE LETTS FAMILY said...

The thing I loved the best about this concert was how they stood there at the end and soaked in the applause. How refreshing. Great photos!

12:34 AM  

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