Thursday, November 02, 2006

Matt Kearney on Halloween @ The Varsity...

Can you say Chris Martin??? Just a slight compliment for this up and coming star... I'm not selling out don't worry but I don't care how big this guy gets or how big coldplay gets. I love this style of music, and good vocals and hard work can carry you a long way... Matt proved that last night on Halloween with a packed house of costumes and skeletons.. He dedicated a lot of songs to Tom Petty and of course the legendary Johnny Cash.. You can't go wrong when you talk about those guys.... He's definitely is the ladies man when he was trying to get sympathy from all the good looking girls in the crowd.. He talked about being alone of valentines day and how he is still searching for the right one.. All and all this man can sing, perform, and has the drive to improve his skills. He ranges on piano and on guitar and lets his vocals lead the way... He has found the style that best fits his audience. If he adds a little pace and a little more style, he could really hit the Bigs..

More pics up soon... For Now check out my other concert pics on My Flickr Page.

I'll be at Placebo tonight at the Fineline!!!! Don't see She wants Revenge thier horrible thier opening for Placebo!!!!


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