Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rooney and Ben Lee at the Fineline...

Rooney, the classic Weezer/Ash, of my high school days brought back a lot of good memories.. Everybody know the song I'm shakin', the band called it "the party song". A true pop band this band still sounds great live and is very underated as performers... Their new album hits stores early next year...

Ben Lee reminded my uncle of Russel Simmons. I stuck with the music theme and took Nada Surf as my prime example.. Ben came out in a gold suit and sprayed showers of gold foil paper all over the crowd.. It felt like I was at a youth group party, or camp.. I haven't attempted the sing along approach for a long time. Ben Lee's band got me to jump around, sing a long, and brought a lot of good looking girls around the stage... He did his job and has a great style.. The set list and some more pictures will be up shortly... I'll also be putting up a calender of dates soon, along with links... Stay tuned. -The King


Anonymous Twinsrule said...

That's Richard Simmons.....
Seriously, Ben is a very good singer/songwriter and definately
worthwhile to see live. The Australian knows how to work a crowd.

I'd have to agree - more good looking females at this concert than any other concert this year at the Fine Line!

1:39 PM  
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