Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Priscilla Ahn Interview


Priscilla Ahn is a singer-songwriter from Bernville, Pennsylvania. Her New Record "A Good Day" will be released June 10th here in the states. Priscilla currently lives in L.A. where she has jump started her singing career playing with artists Joshua Radin, Cary Brothers, and many more. I had the opportunity to interview Priscilla last week, here is what she had to say.

You seem to tour in LA and NYC a lot. Which do you like better? NYC or L.A.???

Ummm......well, I'd say they're both pretty equal. I have a big fan base in L.A. because I live here. But NYC is ALWAYS fun, because it's NYC and it's always a treat to visit there. And because I don't play there as often, the shows are usually well-attended.

Have most of the female artists that have influenced you been artists from the past or present?

More of them are from the present. I learned Jewel songs and Sarah McLachlan songs in high school to help me get better at the guitar. Ani DiFranco as a songwriter was a big influence, as well as Gillian Welch's "Soul Journey", and Juana Molina inspired me to get into looping. The ones from the past are Joni Mitchell and Vashti Bunyan.

Say you opened for Ray Davies where would you want to perform Philly or L.A.???

I'd say L.A. because I don't really have a lot of fans in Philly, unfortunately. But I'd open for him anywhere.

Do you miss your family while on tour? Would you ever consider bringing them along?

I can't say I've ever missed my family on tour. I moved away from them over 5 years ago now, and have to say, I've been pretty alright with that. It's nice to visit and talk to them over the phone. I miss my little brother a lot. He's 15. I've offered for him to come on the road, but i think he thought it sounded boring, hehe. Maybe because I asked him to sell my merch...

When do you see yourself touring in Europe??

Hopefully soon! I've just signed on with an agency who will hopefully make that happen sooner than later. I've never been to Europe, and I'm excited to play there!


Any offers from major labels? Happy on Blue Note?

I couldn't be more satisfied being on Blue Note. They were the only label I was hoping would like me. Major labels freak me out. I don't trust them.

While on tour, who do you prefer to spend time with more: your fans or your band?

Well, if I'm in a city where I have some friends coming to the show, I prefer to hang out with them, only because I most likely haven't seen them in a while. On tour, you spend so much of your personal space and time with the band, that it's healthy, atleast for me, to get some time alone. I like to take walks on my downtime and eat lunch by myself so that I can journal and read the paper.

When writing material, what is the perfect atmosphere and location?

There is no real perfect location for me. wherever there's a guitar i guess. I've written songs in so many random places all over. Peace and quiet is key though.

You've performed alongside Joshua Radin along with many others, who else would you like to play with?

Oh, tons of people. Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Ani DiFranco, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Willy Nelson....to name a few.

Satisfied with the New record due out June 10th? Sounds great!

Thank you! Yes, I'm quite satisfied with it. I only wish I could have put all the songs we recorded on it. But, we have about 5 really cool B-sides now.

Thanks again for the interview and start touring the midwest with a stop at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis!       ok! :)

Here's a video for her single "Dream" 

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