Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Videos from SXSW!!!!!!!!

Fanfarlo @ SXSW (Red House Pizzeria) from Brody McCoy on Vimeo.

Mumford and Sons @ SXSW 3/19/09 from Brody McCoy on Vimeo.

Glasvegas @ SXSW 2009 from Brody McCoy on Vimeo.

Come on Gang @ Friends Bar (SXSW 2009) from Brody McCoy on Vimeo.

More videos and coverage of SXSW to come soon!!!!

Big thanks to ZMODE Media for the badge hook up and also to Gabe Douglas for the opportunity to drive the Mollie Trixie.

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Anonymous Twinsrule said...

Nice vids of these English and Scottish bands - looks like you got upfront and close for Glasvegas, Mumford and Sons keep getting better and better, and Come On Gang! sound great live, harder sound here than on their recordings.

3:03 PM  

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