Monday, November 13, 2006

The Decemberists @ First Ave 11/12/2006

With eyes set on their brilliant new album The Crane Wife(released on capitol records) this show had very high expectations... They exceeded all but one of my expectations, that being more female vocals from the lovely Lisa. She has an unbelievable voice that blends well with the lead vocalist.. They do a few duet type melodies on the album but only really played one.. I really felt the Nordic Roots atmosphere for a while with comparisons to Triakel and Hurdy Gurdy... They had all the instruments, bass cello, accordion, banjo, you name it they had it. The lead singer was a little sick, meaning the set may have been a little longer and a little more up tempo. But none the less it was great, they played their rich ballads and bounced around with high and low songs.. 3 bands that come to mind Harvey Danger, Cloud Cult, and Death Cab. But definitely different and more of an old fashion look on stage, as you can tell from the pictures.. Thanks to Mr. James Scott(Mr. EMI) I managed to see this brilliant show.. You'll never guess where I'll be tomorrow night............Alice and Chains..will see??? Buy the Decemberists new album!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blogger solace said...

didn't think you'd be there...

it was a pretty good show... certainly way better than the last one i saw of theirs (Fine Line), but not quite on the same level as either of their 400 bar shows. it started out a bit so-so, but the 2nd half of the main set was great. i'll attribute the lack of energy to Colin's feeling under the weather tho.

that sucks they didn't play Red Right Ankle even tho it was on the setlist :(

the new stuff sounded really great too

10:38 AM  
Blogger Brody McCoy said...

Amen to that, It was really nice to close up, the sound was great... I give Colin a lot of props for stickin it out and still sounding great..

11:56 AM  

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