Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hurt and Alice in Chains @ First Ave..

Fucking amazing American rock n roll, I can't describe the night any better than that.. Excuse the French... Before the show I got a chance to see the rad rock band Hurt perform an instore at Down in the Valley. They only played two songs but had everyone surrounding them and played some unbelievable acoustic tracks. After that I grabbed some wings with the gang and headed to the show. This show sold out in 4 minutes along with a 40 dollar a ticket, I'm sure tickets were being scalped for 50+ online and at the doors... At the instore they gave a pair a way to some girls that almost fainted...
Anyways, lets talk about the show, packed, packed, the roof is on fire!!!!!!! Hurt opened with nice load guitars, a bass player that jumped around in circles, and the lead singer tearing up a violin.. Just a few of the many highlights from a great band.. Alice and Chains was at a little different level. Even with the lead singer dying from heroine this band has battled back for a remarkable return for their loyal fans... So many hits, so much influence, and arguably one of the best American rock bands of all time.. This band made and shaped bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Their lead guitarist has turned this band around and leads the way on vocals. He got the crowd movin, surfin, and singin'.. Both other guitarists still have the classic Van Halen/spinal tap hairdos... Before the encore the fans screamed, "We want Alice." The band came out and blasted 3 more tunes to wind down and incredible night of rock in Minneapolis... Thank you Alice in Chains for touring again! Lets hope they last a while.... If you like Rock N Roll check out the New York Dolls @ First Ave. Tonight, if your more indie check out Sia @ The Fineline. Make every night your last. -The Real McCoy

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Nirvana actually started before Alice In Chains, and Pearl Jam got huge long before AIC started to get their fair share (besides Man In The Box, which was '90)

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