Thursday, April 20, 2006

Amanda from stellastarr!!!!!

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The hottest bassist ever!!!!!! Very cool cat as well. She talked to us after the show with the drummer from editors. We talked about how the bands have been switching off headlining shows, and the fan support in the states compared to europe. Shes having a blast with one of the best band combination touring together since kasabian opened for the music!!! Have a great weekend! And check out the review below.

Editors are a masterpiece

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Could very well be the best show in 2006! From the pure sound of polished rickenbackers of the editors to the howling vocals of stellastarr, this show was one to remember. After teaching tennis I raced over, weaved my way up to the front row, and started flashing photos and jumping to the music. Standing right next to the bassist of stellastarr my eyes lit up and I started drueling. So between the looks and the vocals, the energy started right away as their was never a dull moment. Stellastarr from new york blended perfect with a highly anticipated band from england. The editors took there time to make their way up to the stage. But had every right to keep the crowd ready to burst. They started off with the song called lights of there recent album the back room. I found out another signature british move by the lead singer with a one-legged kick backwards while leaning over. The most important thing I learned was that the editors are the complete opposite of interpol and she wants revenge. They have energy, show it, and have a completely different sound live. Check them out and get ready for there next album! If you saw this show don't see another show for a while! -Brody