Saturday, October 28, 2006

Islands @ First Ave...

The night started off with two rappers, Blueprint and Subtitle.... I liked Blueprint a little bit more, a little more entertaining.. Rap is definitely in the past for me.. Focusing on the stars of the night, Islands brought their violins, saxophones, and flutes bringing back that old unicorns trend. Nick, the lead singer of Islands, appreciated the young supporters but I think is still frustrated with the little attention their getting.. He said this weekend felt like Mardi gras, emphasizing that he still has a blast with his music and fans. The music was great, but the set definitely could of been longer, i.e. the all ages. Islands was missing one of their guitar players or perhaps lost him, a little guy that looked like a nome. This band reminds me a lot like Arcade Fire where their music is so clean, fresh, and bursting with spins of energy. They still have the radiohead type low to highs, but bring a more modern indie sound to the floor. Lets hope this band unites together for a long time and gets a live CD or DVD, so the fans will see how much talent this band really has. Check out their album, and keep an eye on these Canadian indie rockers.

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The Blue Van, The Bad, and The Ugly @ First Ave...

I'm sure your wondering how I got that title right??? Well just like the movie it explains the night I had and a brief description of the other bands. The much anticipated Danish sensation, rocked the house for small but lively Minneapolis crowd. Aberdeen City wasn't bad they just need to find their own style to much Radiohead and Interpol. And the Electric Six was Bon Jovi and Aerosmith on crack. Enough brutal honesty, lets talk about The Blue Van, I think it is a safe bet to call these guys the Danish Kinks of today's world. Allan, Per, Steffen, and Soren were jumping off speakers, spitting out showers of water, and even reminded me of the movie Spinal Tap. Only these guys rock with so much energy, the quality stays great and the melodies are still there. Led by Steffen, these Danes have a so much potential, talent, and rock n roll stage presence that every band wants. Clapping their hands standing on the drums and piano, calling out the crowd to dance, and tilting the piano were just some of the many highlights on the night. They've already been on tour with Oasis, will be touring with Jet at the end of their U.S. tour, and probably will go on tour with the Rolling Stones at the rate their going. Their new album Dear Independence hits stores Tuesday. From what I saw live The Art is Still Rolling on this next album, as The Blue Van stays consistent with there roots. Make sure you go to you tube and watch these guys on stage. It was their second time in the cities, opening for Hot Hot Heat last year. Lets hope they come back to Minneapolis headlining!!!!

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