Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sea Wolf Pleases Sold Out Crowd @ Entry 9/29/09

Sea Wolf in Minneapolis 9/29/09 @ 7th St. Entry

Sea Wolf - Wicked Blood (Minneapolis) from Brody McCoy on Vimeo.

Alex Brown Church led the charge in front of a packed house in the entry. Wall to wall covered with rabid fans, the 7th St. Entry was anticipating one of the best shows of 2009, and they got it. Sea Wolf's new record blew me away top to bottom, and I didn't think their live sound would match that intensity. Of course I was wrong. Exceeding expectations these L.A. folk rockers played all the hits and gave us all a musical high.

Sea Wolf's sound is very reminiscent of bands like Arcade Fire and Wilco. I also put Sea Wolf in that class. My favorite lyrics come from the song entitled 'Wicked Blood', "And there's an ember in the rafters And it's going to bring this whole thing down"

Go Seeeaaaaa Wooolf!!!!
Sea Wolf set list in Minneapolis 9/29/09 @ 7th St. EntrySea Wolf in Minneapolis 9/29/09 @ 7th St. Entry

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