Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Little Ones/The Walkmen and Kaiser Chiefs @ Trocaderos

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Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!! Wow!!! What a fucking amazing show!!!! The Little Ones kicked off the night, making a shout out to some of the high schoolers that were having their prom. They had some solid tunes, and finished their set with their big single(lovers who uncover). Next up were The Walkmen from New York a very popular group throughout the college scene. Different ranging vocals mixed with some brass, guitar, and some incredible drumming skills.

Alright let's get the stars of the night!! Everything was Brilliant in Minneapolis!!!!!! I made sure I had my sport setting on my camera and my flash ready to go.. If I didn't get Ricky Wilson jumping in the air, I would consider myself a failure. The Kaiser Chiefs were touring in support of their brand new album Yours Truly, Angry Mob... They still have momentum releasing some incredible singles.. "I Predict a Riot" and "Oh My God" were still some of the favorites but "When the Heat Dies Down" and "Hyroids" are pretty incredible tracks.. The only track they didn't play was Love is Not a Competition(but I'm winning), an acoustic track that has an incredible psychedelic sound to it. Ricky and the Kaisers still have plenty of energy but Wilson has taken it easy after spraining an ankle at a few shows.. He crowd surfed, jumped off speakers, and slow danced with a girl the last time at First Ave. This show he was still jumping around, standing on top of the bar introducing the band members, and of course showing us all his new moves.. Drumsticks!! Security!! Square Venue!! Were three words used by my cousin and roommate to describe the show., as they had their cameras taken away, and were told to take their hats off???? I'll make sure Andrea and Sarah bring their dancing shoes next time too. Sorry guys... All and All a one of the better nights of Rock N Roll. The Kaiser Chiefs have toured with Oasis and plenty others, lets hope they keep rising and continue releasing some more great albums!!!!!!!! Go Buy their new album!!! 10 bucks at best buy.... Get ready for a great month in may for shows!!!! -Brody

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