Tuesday, May 13, 2008

David Ford in Minneapolis 5/12/08 @ The Fine Line


David Ford has toured with just about everyone and is a rougher version of David Gray. Unlike Gray, Ford plays more guitar than piano and is a master at looping. It was a sold out show at the Fine Line and most of the crowd was their to witness Fords set. Although Fords set was short, he sure put everything he had into his set. Belting out into multiple microphones, throwing his broken string into the crowd (along with his hat), were just some of the examples of effort. I'm generaly not into a rough folky singer, but David Ford really forces fans to embrace his power on stage. Lets hope he comes back with a band like Starsailor or Doves next time touring the U.S. Ford's new record came out in the U.S. April 1st and is titled "Songs For The Road", go buy it's good. 


For more photos go to My Flickr Page  /  David Ford Slideshow

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