Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cold War Kids Killer @ The Varsity!!!

Hey pitchfork, "Go to hell". Pitchfork tried to rip these guys apart after a few festivals here in the states. CWK proved them all wrong and blew the Varstiy away! Cold War Kids put on a very intense and extremely "Ace" show!!!! Unfortunatley I missed the entire set of Delta Spirit and Tokyo Police Club was stuck in a snow storm in Canada.. Good ol Canada, it was supposed to be the Police Club's first show with the other two bands.. That just left more room for the Cold War Kids, who pleased the crowd with stellar vocals and almighty rock n roll. They brought up Delta Spirit to join the party, bang some drums, and show us all how to go crazy!!!!! Thats what makes a live band!! Cold War Kids will be around along time, and as long as they stay together will be producing some unreal albums in the near future!!!!! Buy their album and keep an eye on these dudes from Long Beach!!!! Thanks Cold War Kids and comeback to the Varsity soon!!! The Minneapolis Crowd Rocks!!!-Brody

Here's a real look at how much excitement these guys bring to the table. Watch this!!

Buy and Album or Merch, and check out their full Tour!!
Get some rest if you a concert addict, the next two months are packed!!!! El Perro Del Mar @ The Cedar tom. and The Colour @ Station 4 Friday!!! Be There!