Sunday, November 19, 2006

How to spend a weekend!

The matchup in a friendly game of cards. (Wist)
Gorgeous T-Wolves Cheerleaders
Chris Paul and Bobby Jackson rolling the point
Learn to fly

A few of the many highlights during the weekend... Teaching tennis, Looking for rocks(agates) at the Maple Grove Gravel Pits, Twolves Games, Flying, Billiards, and of course playing cards are just some of the other things I enjoy doing outside of music.. Family is always a first and trust me my uncles and brother have pretty good music taste.. My uncle Craig is the reason why I got into all this great music, mostly britishrock.. Athlete and Coldplay were some of the few bands he had me listen to, and makes sure I take a look at the past with bands such as the Kinks and The Beatles. About 4 years ago I listened to a lot of rap and pop music. Not anymore, thanks to him. I will still listen to The Roots and Jurassic 5, and maybe even a little 2pac.. Sticking with music I helped book two shows over the weekend. You've probably seen pictures from the shows if you scroll down.. Both shows at the Nomad were filled with great local artists and bands from the Midwest. Big thanks to the bands that made those shows happen. Sorry for talking about myself so much, I'll make sure ever post has music involved in the write up.. Jim Walsh and Victoria Revay, a writer from Vancover, might publish stories on my music blog.. Infact Victoria already has, if you visit her the article here. I'll be taking a break from concerts.. In the next couple days I will be moving to Brooklyn Park, but most importanly will be putting up the top 10 concerts of the year. Their will be a top 10 for at least 4 different sources, hopefully more. I'm getting very excited to see the lists of other music fans.. Hope everybody had a great weekend.. Goodnight and Goodluck..-Brody
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