Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hattie Peterson, Jeremy Messersmith, and Beatrix*Jar @ Bryant Lake Bowl

Hattie Peterson

Jeremy Messersmith

Electric meets Acoustic is a celebration of music by artists who create sonic environments using traditional acoustic warmth, experimental electronic fuzziness or a hybrid of the two. (Bryant Lake Bowl Website)

A solid female artist in Hattie opened with an interesting bass sound joining. A little Ann Difranco mixed with a little Paula Cole to piece together some great female vocals.. I don't know about the bass player though, I think she would be better solo or with a full band. Great Talent.. Moving on to Jeremy you have the king of looping on keys and mostly on guitar... He has a very mellow sound with some very entertaining lyrics.. He was one of many artists to play at the best new bands of 2006 at First Ave last Wednesday.. And finally Beatrix was your classic DJ duo with a huge mixing board and a wide variety of sound. Imagine Macy Gray and Mr. Bean teaming up to DJ at one of your parties.. Very cool people. Check these bands out on myspace..

I'll be at Augustana @ First Ave. or The Good the bad and the queen listening party at Brits Pub on Monday haven't decided... Check the calender below for more upcoming shows... -Brody