Friday, April 28, 2006

Deathray Davies and The M's @ the 400 Bar

Deathray Davies Encore
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My uncle craig has rebounded with a shattering performance. A wonderful evening of rock n roll!! The bands sounded a little like the kinks mixed with ash, 60's rock to wonderful fresh harmonies. Two bands that consisted of the M's and the deathray davies blew away the crowd. Their was also a great local band before these two called Nick Africano & Over Under. All the bands were hammered but had the time of their life and made sure the crowd saw it. Energy and excitement brought smiles and laughter to the contemporary fans. These two bands are winding down a long tour all across the states. Hopefully they'll play somewhere else next tour in the cities. The 400 bar has had some great shows over the past and still gets a few great shows. But lets face it this is your typical corner street bar thats turning into a hole in the wall. More top acts and european bands need to play at the hottest theater in town, The Varsity!!!! The next big band that will be at the 400 bar will be the Walkmen. Make sure you check out these two bands and click on the photo to see more picutes from the show. Don't miss deathray davies if you get the chance to see them!!! Get ready for Regina, this saturday!!!! Ascot room. Get rest!!! -Brody