Thursday, August 31, 2006

Corrine Bailey Rae with Kevin Devine & Gran Bel Fisher @ The Varsity

Yea she looks a little like Macy Gray, but she sounds like Regina Specktor and puts on a great live show. Her band behind her reminds me of The Go Team! Most of the band is from England, there are 7 members, and they have a ball on stage. Corrine's vocals just blow you away. I was about to start dancing but I was just amazed and listened to the great sound and vocals. She has turned into another one of the great english female artists amoungst todays best (KT Tunstall, Imogean Heap, and of course Sandi Thom). Corrine is either playing the guitar or just singing loud and proud. She will be back in the cities next month at Northrop Auditorium. For better pictures up soon on Corine Rae Bailey visit Tony Nelson Photography. I missed both opening bands, but both are great bands check them out on myspace. I'll be at Cat Power this Sat.

Corrine Bailey Rae Official Site