Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dosh/Kid Dakota/Cloud Cult at the Varsity Theater...

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This was easily the best local act I have ever seen. This group will stand as the best band from minnesota ever. Performance wise. You can argue bob dylan and the replacements are, but live check cloud cult out . Then will talk. This was the second time seeing Cloud Cult and the first time seeing the opening acts. Opening acts were very comprable, but were no comparison to the steller performance of Cloud Cult. I met a die hard fan named chelsea that drove to duluth to see them perform and only attends their shows. The first three songs they played were unbelievable, it was almost like they started with an encore. I didn't think they could continue playing great tracks, but the entire show was amazing and got even better. Before walking out of the show I took a look at their paintings that are completed during the set. One went for $300 while the other went for $400. That is what I call buisness. Cloud Cult donates almost all their profit to enviromental institutes and societies. For all the locals out there, if you haven't seen this band your missing out. And if you have already caught them continue to support them because they keep getting better and may not be around a lot if they blow up. Like arcade fire, death cab, and so on. Click on the picture to see more pictures on my flickr site. Anyone can leave comments on this or email me at I will be at Matt Costa on mon night. Cya around -Brody