Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Simon Dawes and Band of Horses @ Fineline Music Cafe

Simon Dawes was very good. A lot of energy and really get's the most out of his vocals. They did a classic cover of burning down the house for their encore. Band of Horses from Seattle was outstanding and put on a classic light show with a wing-it performance. Two of the band members of Simon Dawes teamed up with the Band of Horses and will continue to play with them the entire tour for the whole set. Band of Horses sounds a lot like My Morning Jacket with their hit single funeral. The track funeral is probably the best song-performance I've seen live. I thought Coldplay and other great bands have good low to highs but these guys just shatter that barrier. That song almost feels like your going through a tunnel. Check both these bands out on myspace and buy their albums. I'll be at Zero 7. -Brody