Saturday, December 16, 2006

What were your favorite shows of 2006?

I'm looking to see as many top 10 lists as possible so I can find out
about any new artists or just anybody I happened to miss.. I love
hearing other opinions and meeting others around the world. So please
send me your list of Top 10 live shows of 2006. If you didn't attend 10
concerts this year you can send me your top 5...In your list please include the Band/Artist name, Date, and venue. I will be putting these lists up next weekend. Who is # 1??? Just comment your list on my blog or email me your list at Send your list as soon as possible.. Thanks again and continue to see great live music!!
Cheers -The BritRocker

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Lists should be up soon, Stay Tuned!

Imogen Heap At First Avenue

This show changed a lot of lives and put a good perspective on what is most important in our lives... Enjoying ourselves, everyone around us, and our life in one big picture... Imogen captures it all with her keyboards, parrots, mixers, you name it she adds a twist of melody in every form.. From fashion to theater she proves to be quite the performer on stage.. This lovely lady knows how to be herself and provides us all with laughter and joy. Giving us a true holiday spirit heading into Christmas, Imogen is truly the best. She played all her top songs and gave everything she had, even after being in the hospital to check up on her swollen glands. She ended up with strep throat, but refused to postpone her show in Minneapolis... This was her second time in Minnesota in last 6 months.. She promised she would be working on a third album after she raps up her tour. Only three more dates!!! Imogen is working on some independent films in Africa but hopefully will stay very part time with her film career.. The world needs her voice and music to be inspired and driven to achieve happiness.. She also is very big into designing fashion, looking at her set, and from her dress on stage. After the show I ran into to film editors that have been traveling as an independent film crew. They have been on the entire tour and are looking to put together a big documentary for Imogen.. Good luck!! Look forward to seeing the final product.. Compliments to the openers of the show as well Kid Beyond and Levi Weaver. Lastly, I will be putting up one more repost on the top 10 concert lists of 2006, so to everybody who checks out this blog or wants to just put together a list, please send it to me at Your list should include date, artist(s), and venue. Thanks again and go pick up a copy of Imogen Heap's latest record(Speak for Yourself), it will impact your life. Have a good weekend and send in your top 10!!!! Cheers -Brody

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