Friday, February 01, 2008

Editors/Hot Hot Heat/ Louis XIV @ The Fineline 1/30/08

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In front of another sold out crowd at the Fineline, Editors continue improving and impressing all crowds. Lead singer Tom Smith is always compared to the great stage act that Chris Martin puts on, but theirs even more ways to describe their set. Editors bring the same high that we all get from listening to Interpol. But rather than just play instruments and stare into the mic, Editors are all over the place jumping around.

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After seeing the movie Control and the great story of Joy Division, I really see Editors as the new Joy Division with a lot more stability and much better vocals. I still love Interpol and Joy Division but live, Editors is in another league. As my dad put it, Editors have a very "tight" sound.

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Louis XIV
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After releasing Slick Dogs and Ponies just a few days ago Louis XIV is back on tour and back in action on the big stage. With a very different sound then Editors, Jason Hill sounds a bit like Ray Davies and Damon Albarn. A mix of Parklife and Powerman. I think Louie added another guitar player last time a saw them play at Roy Wilkins opening for the Killers. Classic Rock N Roll with with hilarious monologue vocals. After having a conversation with their lead singer I found out his older brother played on the circuit for tennis and took out Michael Chang back in the day. Give it up for King Louie!

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Hot Hot Heat

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I loved these Canadians a couple years ago and they still sound pretty solid on record. But live they just don't do it for me. Steve Bays has a great voice and a lot of talent, but I can only stand the high pitch vocals for so long. Most of their songs sound from the past and all have that same sort of poppy vibe. Good guys. Good tunes. Keep working on getting better live.

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My next gig is DJ Shawdow and Cut Chemist at First Ave Feb. 4th!

Also get your Hives tickets soon before they sell out.

Good day mates. -Brody