Wednesday, June 07, 2006

KT live at the Fineline..

Another superb soldout performance by the scottish rock star last night. Her second U.S tour has included her entire band. Most of these mates are spread all across the U.K. Her first pass through minneapolis was at the Varsity Theater, and was their with just her drummer. KT has great stage presence, a great smile, and is the nicest rock star's out there. She had a fairly long set that consisted of about 15 songs along with two new tracks. One of the new songs was exclaimed by KT, "This is the first time were going to play this track live, it's called hollywood hills." My friend James who is a big EMI rep here got a guitar signed by KT before the show, but then had to lead an ICE Cube listning party a few blocks down. Anyways I hope anyone that was at the show enjoyed it. Follow her music and buy her new album Eyes of the Telescope instores now. Also check out her official site. She promised she will be back in minneapolis in september and said, "you can take us to court if we dont' show up." I'll be at the Alarmists friday and Snow Patrol sunday. Stay classy minneapolis!