Friday, March 30, 2007

James Morrison puts on a show @ The 400 Bar!!!

Me and James MorrisonJames Morrison @ The 400 Bar(Minneapolis)James Morrison @ The 400 Bar(Minneapolis)James Morrison @ The 400 Bar(Minneapolis)James Morrison Set List <a href=
James Morrison Set list
James Morrison @ The 400 Bar(Minneapolis)me and joss stone
(yes thats really Joss Stone hanging out at the 400 bar, I'd say she's pretty hot!)

James Morrison is no James Blunt, but will get to his stature this year. He reminds me a little more of Springsteen and Jonny Lang. He has England, all the ladies, and just a matter of time before he has America conquered. James enjoyed coming back to the bar life to a sold out crowd at the 400 bar. I was hoping he was going to play in the crowd and get us dance a little more, but all in all the show was superb. He's only 24 and I believe this is his first time touring all around the states with his band. He did a couple of showcases in New York and LA in January, and played at the Sundance film festival in February. James will grow and evolve into one of the biggest solo artists over the next 10 years. With the singles Wonderful World, You Give Me Something, and Undiscovered, he easily has 3 chart toppers to take care of his reign for 2007. Morrison has opened for Corrine Bailey Rae, along with many others back home in England. Lets hope hes back at First Ave rather than Northrup, at the rate he's going it will be hard to slow him down. It is always Wonderful World. Thanks James for bringing the ladies to show!!!-Brody
Breaking News!!!James Morrison and Joss Stone dating?? Joss was checking out the show after stopping in at a target early today.

Here's a video from the show..

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