Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ra Ra Riot and The Little Ones @ 7th St. Entry

IMG_0185                                                      Ra Ra Riot

This was the third time in the last year and a half seeing Ra Ra Riot and they just keep getting better.  They've done a full length american tour with Editors, The Cribs, and now are headlining with the Little Ones.  Three full U.S. tours and they still don't even have a full length album yet, thats impressive.  The buzz is building for these guys even in Europe where their signed to V2.  Ra Ra Riot doesn't have an American Label yet but are working on a deal so they can release a full length under a label.  The Kids from NYC should have a full length album out this August.  

                 The Little Ones

Lovers Who Uncover, what does that mean? "Young ones grow anxious to proclaim their advances to the fray" and "Their faces are green and they don’t know what they’ve done", are my two favorite lines in the song of last summer and this summer.  With many other hits, The Little Ones also are improving and got me and the Gaber dancing to the whole set.  Coming from L.A., The Little Ones consist of two Reyes brothers and 3 other friends.  They have nothing to do with the 1965 British family comedy film called "The Little Ones".  These indie rockers have a brand new EP titled "Ferry Tales and Fallen Gates" 

"Lovers Who Uncover" Video

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