Friday, January 15, 2010

Lissie Maurus @ The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis



Gotta Love those glasses. Lissie and Megan talked about how great Rockford Illinois is and their secret hobbies finding goose feathers on the beach and random scrap metal washers.

Accompanied only by ace guitarist Eric Sullivan (sporting Carlos Santana's chops and Bob Marley's hat), bassist-kickdrummer Lewis Keller, and her own rhythm guitar, Lissie played songs from her Fat Possum debut Why You Runnin', arranged to showcase her powerful voice. Brit Rock at the Top's Brody McCoy, who was at the Triple Rock, accurately described it as somewhere between Brandi Carlile and Neko Case; Lissie's songs run toward Case's low-and-lonesome territory, but the likes of "Little Lovin'" also made me think that there's Sheryl-Crow-style crossover material in there, if Lissie chooses to let it out.

Read the rest of my friend Jay's review over at TC Daily Planet.

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