Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Bird and the Bee and Sia @ The Fineline...

This night will go down in the books... Sing a longs, spankings, lots of dancing, smiling and fun.. That was really random... Inara George's band kicked things off with her band The Bird and the Bee. Very good set, she brought out Sia to participate in handclapping..Anywho, Sia made her third appearance in Minneapolis over the last 6 months... The first time was at the Varsity(where she played solo), second was at the Fineline(With Zero 7), and tonight with her whole band as Sia. Tonight was like Independence Day where you captured from Sia's voice, a moment of truth, joy, and bittersweet. She made sure she pointed out all her fans from her myspace page and dedicated songs to the minnesotans.. She had lots of lights, Hawaiian necklaces, and lot's of flowers as decorations.. This time a black dress made the standout bombshell stick out rather than white with Zero 7... None the less she pleased and made us all enjoy ourselves, and get along...She stole a quote from the Beth Orton show... Lets have some crowd participation "I sing, you listen, and shut the fuck up." Get it. Got it. Good. Sia has a long tour ahead lets hope she continues to do it all, as a solo performer and as lead vocalist of Zero 7... She manages to play extremely well and often with both bands every single show.. I'm not a big media reporter but I did see the bassist from Idlewild, and found out he's dating Inara George(helping out with her tour).... Good to sing great bands get together, hopefully they'll tour together??? Backstage was awesome as fans posed with the loveable Sia....We also went to special club and almost had a party... Check out Tahiti 80 at the 400 Bar tonight!!!!

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