Monday, October 08, 2007

Matt Pond Pa w/ Jesca Hoop @ The Varsity 10/8/07

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Jesca Hoop

Jesca Hoop on tour in support of her new album Kismet was fabulous. She a ball on stage and was quite the entertainer. Loved her voice and was fascinated by how much diversity she had with her songs. A mix between Regina Spektor and Broadway, all while playing acoustic guitar. The crowd should have danced and at least stood up for this talented female artist. It was a very tired Monday night crowd. Loved this gal though, check her out!

Jesca Hoop slideshow
Jesca Hoop Official Page / Myspace Page

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Matt Pond PA
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Matt Pond PA setlist

Matt came back with a bang! After a departure from their very talented bass cello player, Matt Pond has added another guitar player to the mix. 4 guitars really let this band rock out more adding more power alongside the extremely gifted vocals of Matt. I moved a lot more to this show and was blown away by the loud deluxe fender. Mr. Pond can tone it done still but blends so many more guitar riffs, it's mostly non stop rock n roll. Matt was also very entertaining, acknowledging a very "polite audience". He said, "the people back home in New York are not very nice". One audience member shouted, "move here"! But Matt said, I can't leave the oceans. Lake Superior is a ocean right? The Downfall to the show, a pretend encore of one song, not playing "Last Light", and ending on two slow tracks. This band is very distinctive, no comparisons to this band. Matt Pond is one of the best indie rock musicians around!!! He'll be back for a second go around soon with his album Last Light just coming out.

Matt Pond PA slide show from the varsity show

Matt Pond PA Official Page / Myspace Page

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