Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frightened Rabbit vs. Sold out Minneapolis Crowd! Winner: Everyone 5/10/10 @ Varsity Theater


Above is corky openers Maps and Atlases. Lead Singer Dave Davison has a really unique voice, almost like he's singing into a distorted microphone. People call their music math-rock so I guess you could call his voice a calculator voice. Anyways the point is as bad as that sounds, he's voice is phenomenal and it really grows on you throughout the show. Coming from Chicago this band has stood the test of time touring for the lest 6 years with all sorts of bands. I have a feeling this could be a break out tour for them. I'm not a fan at all of banging instruments/experimental type music, but I love these guys. Which just goes to show you how talented they really are if they get me to enjoy a genre of music that I normally can't stand. I still don't think anyone can turn me into country or screamo, thats pretty much impossible.

These Scottish Folk-Rockers sure know how to put on a show. Yea the lead singer had a thick accent and all the girls would scream and giggle whenever he talked. But once they played music everyone was pretty much at awe. Snow Patrol, We Were Promised Jet Packs, and Glasvegas all come to mind because their all Scottish when making comparisons to Frightened Rabbit. The difference between FR and all the other Scottish bands is they keep the pace up with their sound and every slow song they play builds up. Yea the start of their slower material can get a little dull but with 4 guys playing guitar they usually make it interesting real quick. Most bands that gain hype have a big single or get a song on a car commercial, these guys like Mumford and Sons are getting the airplay on radio stations and the recognition they deserve. Quickly getting peoples attention from word of mouth and good show reviews has probably helped as well. Not a big fan of the "Winter of Mixed Drinks" album, but trust me everyone needs to see this band live. Set list is below, Enjoy!

Frightened Rabbit Set List

This video will just make you laugh and put you in a great mood for the rest of the day!

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The Varsity Theater also has a great show tonight. All the way from Sweden Shout Out Louds will be performing with Freelance Whales.

Doors at 8pm Show at 9pm

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Kate Nash Live @ First Ave. 5/5/10


Kate Nash still put on yet again another solid show despite her sprained ankle. This was the first show she didn't have to use crutches and stood most of the show. Thats impressive my friend. Personally I love the happy catchy pop melodies mixed with guitar and piano, unfortunately Kate still likes to lash out trying to blend a punk side to her. Don't get me wrong I would want to rock out to if I was a musician but her heavy experiemental like tunes just give me a headache. The majority of the show was great though, playing most of the tracks off her recentley released album "My Best Friend Is You". Kate is also still dating the lead singer of the Cribs Ryan Jarman, which will always keep her into music. Let's just hope she stays away from a punk album.

The first video below was from her last show at First Ave. exactly 2 years ago. The second video is my favorite track off her new record on the Album Chart Show in England.

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