Friday, June 05, 2009

Interview with Katty Besnard of Plastiscines


How much fun did you have with Butch Walker, and will you have him produce another record?
- working with Butch was such a great experience and was so funny too! it was so natural you know, we were working during the day and then we were having drinks all together with jake sinclair our sound engineer to chill out!
and yes def we'll have him for another record for sure!!!

What made the change to sing in english on the new single? And what about the whole record, is their a little french?
- we've always been singing in french and in english so it's quite the same actually..we still have 3songs in french on our new record. and it was better to have a first single in english as it's more international.

From the time spent in the U.S. from touring, what's more your scene L.A. or NYC?
- the thing is that we only play twice in each city so it's hard to tell.
but actually playing at Coachella Festival in LA was really really great!

Are you happy with the way your music is changing/evolving? Is it hard to take criticism that your music is to much like mainstream radio.
- we're so happy with the result of this album and the way it evolves. we've been working on this album for a year and this is exactly what we were looking for.
i dont think our music is too mainstream radio but criticism doesnt really reach us actually..we're over it.

Do you guys like fellow french bands Phoenix and Tahiti 80? Those are my favorite.
- yes we're actually really like them! it's great to have good french bands!!

Are the 4 of you all into fashion/modeling and does that help the popularity of the band?
- i think we're just normal girls who's taking care of their apparence. so yeah we're into fashion and we think looking good on stage it's important...and it could help for the popularity, maybe!

UK bands like the Libertines and Kinks are big influences, Why?
- i think we love those bands 'cause they are pretty much the first ones that gave us the envy to be in a band and play our own music!
now we all have differents influences and it was beneficial while we were composing the album!

Is their a party animal in the band?

What are you looking forward to the the most about the upcoming U.S. Tour?
we're really looking forward to this tour 'cause basicly it's gonna be the first really tour in the US and this is great!!
playing for the nylon summer music tour is such a good opportunity for us to be known from a new public!

Did you cheer on Gael Monfils and Tsonga in the French Open?
- lol not really as we left for NYC a week ago so we didnt have that much time to look at Roland Garros unfortunatly!

Be Sure to catch the Plastiscines on tour this summer!
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