Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sondre Lerche Rippin it Up @ The Varisty!!!!

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Out of the young stars in Europe, I'd rank Sondre ahead of Paolo Nutini and James Morrison. Better vocals and a much more indie sound. You talk about young, Sondre was signed to virgin/capitol records when he was 15. Clearly his talent has been seen by many, and I can't believe he hasn't blown up to James Blunt territory with youth, looks, and a great personality for all the fans. Lerche was born and raised in Bergen Norway, very surprising that his not from U.K.

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After playing at the entry about 6 months ago to a sold out show at the entry. He has been touring all over Europe. But to him one of his biggest accomplishments was getting 4 songs on the Dan in Real Life Soundtrack, and getting to hang out with a bunch of Hollywood stars. Unfortunately he wasn't back with his full band. To me he has enough talent to do whatever he damn pleases, but a band always compliments and artist. I really would like to see Sondre with a full band. He only played one cover by Elvis Costello, a very big influence on him growing up. Mr. Lerche played a ton of tracks, had a blast talking to the audience, and had all the fans singing along. Whoever the die hard fan is above with the green sondre shirt, email me at BritishRockisAlwaysTop@yahoo.com or comment a link to your photos that you took. Thanks. Rock On Minneapolis...

Check out these videos from the show

"Two Way Monologue"

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Absolutely nothing for shows coming up. Lets hope some bands come to town.