Sunday, December 03, 2006

Coming up this week!!!!!

Forward Russia with Snowden @ The Triple Rock Social Club wed. 12/6
(Show Starts @ 9pm 21+)
The Dears with Young Galaxy @ The Fineline thursday 12/7
(Show Starts @ 9pm 18+)
Joanna Newsom @ The 400 Bar Friday 12/8
(Early show 7pm All Ages, Late show 10pm 21+)

Forward Russia (Top),The Dears(middle), and Joanna Newsom(bottom) are three acts that will be playing this week in order starting this Wednesday through Friday. Forward Russia is a heavy punk band from the U.K. that has gotten a lot of attention in London.. Next up, The Dears have in my opinion one of the best albums of the year, and are emerging as one of the top bands to come out of Canada... And finally on Friday the 8th we have the gorgeous Joanna Newsom who plays a harp and sounds a little like Regina Spektor... With five out five star reviews in the NME magazines Joanna has not only looks and a voice but a performance that captures a lot of life.. I'm looking forward to all 3 shows this week.. Top 10 concerts of the year lists will be put up either before or after the Imogen Heap show on the 15th of this month @ First Ave. Hope to see everybody at this weeks shows!!!! Cheers -Brody