Saturday, March 24, 2007

Birdmonster @ The Varsity!!!!!

(Wow my new camera is fookin amazing!!!(Olympus FE-230)

All eyes on the band. Nothing else mattered. Enjoying good ol rock, came very easy with this San Fransisco band. It was Birdmonsters third appearance in the last year in Minneapolis and every time they put on an incredible show. Feeling almost like a private party, they gave everyone a night they wouldn't forget. Of course Steve(The Rock N Roll Star) and I got on stage again with the band. We jumped around, banged on the tambourines, and shot some video. We tried to get the crowd up with us but they were still in aw of the stellar performance. The Minneapolis fan base is taking a little while, but it will come soon enough. Once people realize the kind of show Birdmonster puts on, the crowds will be massive. This band reminds me a lot like Kings of Leon, but they definitely separate themselves into the upper class of rock n roll bands. I've forgotten how they got the name Birdmonster, but I know they all have a little bird trait in them. Their birds that never stop jumping, dancing, and flying! With shows at the Nomad, 400 Bar, Varsity Theater, who knows where Birdmonster will be next. But as long as they come back to the cities thats all that matters.

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Here's a look at what it's like to be on stage with Birdmonster!!!!!

And Their big single Cause You Can with a little editing by Brody