Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Matt Pond PA and Gomez @ The fineline...

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I expected another solid performance by the Matt Pond crew and they came out loud and proud. They added their once tamborine man as the full time drummer. The drums add so much depth when added to every song. Matt Pond PA is one of the few who has a very constant style in his songs, while still sounding great because of his lyrics and superb vocals. Once again Matt Pond PA impressed the best.
It was the second time I've seen Gomez as well as Matt, the only difference I've seen Matt Pond 4 months ago and Gomez about 2 years ago. I like the variation of three vocalists in the band and the intrumentals are great. These guys know how to rock. I'm sure I will start to love this band in about 5 years but right now they just weren't my thing. They have quite the following and I see a lot of success down the road for this band. More pics to come from this show. Cya thursday at Regina Spektor for those of you have tickets...-Brody