Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dweeb - Chart Raider Space Invader

  • This is vu over at vox. I'm very excited to say that we're now 9 music fans now. The boys are still winning....

    The band today is Dweeb. There are 'The Dweebs', they are from St Paul, Minnesota, but the The Dweeb I'm talking about is from London, they've released a few singles and eventually broke up before 2000. The song I'm playing is their first 7", which I think is really cute. They're like little teenage kids bopping around. They sound a little like Bis but with a nerdier art direction of Star Wars (ah, Ash, anyone?).

    Their discography, according to their

    Chart Raider/Space Invader - Fierce Panda
    Buzzsong (split single with Mogwai)- Che Records
    No hit wonder - Damaged Goods
    Scooby Doo - Blanco Y Negro
    Oh Yeah, Baby - Blanco Y Negro
    I.O.U Everything - Blanco Y Negro

    Turn you on (LP) - Blanco Y Negro