Sunday, September 27, 2009

Arctic Monkeys rocks out with Minneapolis on a Friday Night!


The Monkeys proved once again their on top of the world. With an Oasis like following in the U.K. their slowly but surely trying to build a cult like following here in the states. Let's talk about the show though, sold out? Yes. Crazy 400 pound rugby player jumping into the crowd? No, but their were a few crowd surfers along with a few fights in the sea of fans. Encore? Yes, unlike last time - No Encore!!! WTF?!?!

With so many memories from their last show here at First Ave., the show last Friday was just a solid performance. Alex Turner and crew were sporting some long hairdos. Playing a good mixture of their now 3 albums, including most recently the album "Humbug". My two favorite tracks by the Manchester crew are "The Bakery" and "Settle for a draw", both are B-Sides. Of course they didn't play either tunes. With a mosh pit formed and the entire crowd dancing along, I'd say the Arctic Monkeys did their job.

This band is the quintessential British Rock group of our decade, and I don't see them going away anytime soon.

Here it is folks the precious set list.
Arctic Monkeys setlist in Minneapolis 9/25/09 @ First Avenue

P.S. - Their is an opening band on tour with the Monkeys called "The Like", that makes you want to jab a fork in your eye. Four disgusting chicks trying to play rock music. Bring ear plugs or just show up for the Monkeys. Just a tip!

Keep bring the British bands Minneapolis! Thank You!

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